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Fanda Pro Mini Hairdryer

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RM 298.00
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RM 298.00
Regular price
RM 599.00
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3 x installment with atome
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100% Authentic products

Fanda Pro Mini Fashion Hair Dryer


The body adopts matte design, feels warm and delicate, simple shape, super high value, and 400 million negative ions

~ The body is only about 7cm, small and powerful, and there are 3 colors to choose from (gray, white, blue)

2mm air outlet,

the wind is more concentrated,

and it only takes 5 minutes to dry hair quickly 110,000 rpm motor,

more powerful wind Bladeless hollow design, the wind can reach 60 m/s Multi-level adjustment,

4-level temperature setting,

3-level wind speed setting

Built-in filter to prevent inhalation of hair and dust 1.8 m long wire, easy to move

Allows you to easily blow out smooth hair

Comes in in gift box with 4 nozzle

-Anti-flying nozzle

-Modeling nozzle

-Diffusion nozzle

-Smooth nozzle